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in the first half of January 2017 most of South Italy, especially Puglia and Basilicata, had been covered for many days by a thick, soft layer of snow. Of course, Matera was not an exception! That kind of snow hadn’t been seen here since 1981, some say since 1956! The show offered by the Sassi in these days has been really amazing.
As you may remember, I don’t really like the usual comparison between the Sassi and the traditional Christmas’ Nativity Scene, but I have to admit that this time was quite right.

But to me, the truly fascinating thing was the way that shining white blanket highlighted the thousands of chaotic but geometric lines that create the unique urban fabric of the Sassi that you could admire.

So, hoping this will please you, here’s a couple of pictures I shot myself.

You can find more here: Sassi Innevati, Gennaio 2017

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