Guided tours around Matera

Explore Basilicata and beyond!

Matera 2019 is an adventure involving the entire Lucania territory. Matera is the gate to enter and explore a beautiful land rich in history, archaeology and nature but still outside the routes of mass tourism. Basilicata’s best feature, though, is its incredible variety. Entering from the East you pass from the naked beauty of the Murgia to the sweet agricultural landscape of the hills around Matera. Slipping South, you can reach the chora of Metaponto and Heraklea, once-powerful Greek colonies. Their monumental remains lie among rows of orange, peach, almond and apricot trees.

Five rivers meet the sea in that short coastline. Following the Bradano valley you go back to Matera and, further North, to the Vulture vineyards. Around the sleeping volcano lie the fierce Melfi and the roman Venosa. If you chose the Basento river instead, you can reach the small villages perched on the Dolomiti Lucane, or the ancient oaks of the Gallipoli-Cognato Natural Park. The Cavone and Agri rivers lead to the unique moonlike landscape of the Calanchi, painted by Carlo Levi from the terraces of Aliano. Finally, going up the Sinni valley you can get to the amazing Pollino National Park and, further upstream, to Maratea, the “Pearl of Tyrrhenian Sea”.