Are you planning to visit Matera? Are you looking for a guided tour of the Sassi or the Natural Park of the Murgia Materana? You’re in the right place! Here you’ll find only the best qualified, passionate tour guides and the most interesting routes! We are archaeologists: we dig into history, you dig the place!

Come intrigued, leave in love.


With our guided tours starting from 20 € per person! Choose among our routes and custom them as you like!


The End is near! Book your tour before it's too late!

Matera is changing quickly. Besides, what if Mayans got just slightly wrong? Don’t wait any longer, book a tour with us! Starting from just 20 €.

A unique city.


Visit it with authorized guides, true highly qualified professionals, for a more intense and  satisfying experience.



Thousands of years of history.


One of the most ancient city in the world, 10.000 years old. There’s no better guide than a highly qualified archaeologist to visit it.


A city for all seasons.


If you’re thinking “where did I see this?”, the answer is: nowhere. Or maybe it’s “nativity scene”. Yes, Matera can be magical, even in Winter.


Breathtaking views.


Not just the Sassi! The Gravina Canyon and the Murgia can offer you the beauty of nature and the art of the Cave Churces. 


The Gospel According to Matera.


From Pier Paolo Pasolini to Mel Gibson, lots of great directors chose Matera to represent biblical Jerusalem. We can follow in their footsteps, searching for the same angle views.




 Architectural decorations and frescoes, shapes and images left by our ancestors in over one hundred centuries of history are waiting for you behind every corner. 



Be enchanted.


This city, with us, can be really amazing and surprise you behind every corner. 



Nicola Taddonio

Nicola Taddonio



I’m an authorized tour guide and a specialized, multi-tasking archaeologist. I studied and explored the history of Lucania for over seven years in (almost) all the possible ways. Now I decided to share what I learned, to transmit the love for my land. Read more…

Towards the Festa della Madonna della Bruna...








 Create your own experience!


The success of the project “Matera European Capital of Culture 2019” owes much to the enthusiastic and active partecipation of Matera’s citizens. On the basis of our academic and professional experience, we strongly believe that the fruition of our Cultural Heritage must go through continuos interaction between parties: monuments, operators and, above all, users. A satisfied and conscious user is an extra asset for the safeguard of Cultural Heritage! We have planned a series of routes suitable for most people, but we encourage you to custom and create your own experience, suggesting specific sites or activities, thematic routes, ideas! We only use professional authorized tour guides with a solid academic background.

Rupestrian Art

Oops, maybe we got carried away: over 150 Cave Churces among Sassi and Murgia. Mostly with frescoes. Santa Lucia alle Malve, Santa Barbara, San Giovanni in Monterrone, San Nicola dei Greci… dozens of little masterpieces of medieval art, in a triumph of red, blue and gold over the naked rocky background. You should avoid it if you suffer from the Stendhal syndrome.

Bread & More

Ok, we are a little touchy about the bread. But ours is the best bread in the world and the food is good, nay, delicious. If you know where to go, of course! If you’d like a route including a deep immersion in our food&wine, ask us. Our CEO weighs 95 kg, but his blood analysys are perfect: he eats a lot, but he eats well!

PS: About Batman, we’ve got the copyright on the Bat Cave… ask us why!

useful links:



A pretty useful site to obtain brief informations about places and monuments to visit in Matera, with several, nice media contents. It also presents commercial sections and a list of the most important events in the city.

MUV Matera


The site of the Virtual Museum of Collective Memory of Matera, thanks to the huge collection of historical photos, donated by private collectors, represent an important window on the past of the city. Beyond photos, the MUV is also a cultural association whose mission is to preserve the intangible heritage of Matera. 

Rocco Giove's Photos


Rocco Giove (Matera) is a photographer specialized in panoramic pictures, with an amazing ability to catch touching images of Lucanian landscape. A look at his portfolio and you’ll want to be here immediately.



The official site of the “Matera 2019” foundation (now “Matera-Basilicata2019”). To stay updated with the program and related events. You can also find the entire bid book here. And, if you really want to, you can read its 120+ pages.

For the beautiful exhibition “Pasolini in Matera. The Gospel According to Matthew 50 years later. New imaging techniques: art, cinema, photography.“, hosted in Palazzo Lanfranchi, Studio Antani realized a series of videos, in search for the same spots where Pasolini shot the scenes for The Gospel According to Matthew. Definitly an unusual way, in pure Antani style, to look at the differences between the abbandoned, almost ghostly Sassi of the sixties and the sunny, living contemporary ones.


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